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The beauty

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Are you looking for a stone that can sharpen the mind and drive away low thoughts?
Then you should quickly familiarise yourself with the dream in violet! It was precisely these properties that the world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci once attested to amethyst.

The violet beauty knows how to please like no other stone with its almost legendary history and many magical properties.
The amethyst was considered an effective gemstone against drunkenness.
This alleged effect is even closely linked to the etymological origin of its name.
The ancient Greek term amethystos means “counteracting intoxication” in English.

The colour is the most important criterion for determining the value of a special quartz variety.
The stronger shades fetch significantly higher prices on the world market.
The most valuable gemstones are those that catch the eye of the buyer in a transparent, pure, medium to dark violet that plays neither into the blue nor into the red – even though blue or red flashes of amethyst colour are also very much in demand.

An amethyst crystal naturally has relatively few inclusions; therefore, no inclusions should be visible to the naked eye from a distance of about 15 cm on a beautiful example in order to meet the eye-clean quality grade.
The stone enjoys great popularity among gemstone cutters and jewellers, which is why it is offered in a far more diverse selection of different shapes and cuts than many other representatives of its guild. Regardless of the cut a uniform colour and high brilliance are always quite decisive quality and thus value-enhancing characteristics.