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Yearbook 2020: Tourmaline Amethyst Tanzanite Peridot Zircon

1st edition 176 pages
Almost every gemstone that can be processed as a piece of jewelry knows how to please, especially by its enchanting color. Rubies, for example, are classically associated with red tones, while emeralds usually shine with a green glow. But exceptions prove the rule, as is well known.

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine Band 2

Yearbook 2019: Diamond Ruby Sapphire Emerald

1st edition 176 pages
“I never hated a man so much that I would have given him back his diamonds.” Zsa Zsa Gabor
This quote reflects with a twinkle in the eye the attraction diamonds can have on women. The precious mineral has always been associated with a certain myth. But what is actually the basis of its special position in the realm of gemstones?

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2019
Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2019

Yearbook 2018: Drawing book

1st edition 86 pages
Photosynthesis (ancient Greek for “light” and sýnthesis for “composition”, also spelled photosynthesis) is the process of producing high-energy biomolecules from low-energy materials using light energy. It is carried out by plants.

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2018
Fochtmann München Jahrbuch 2018

Yearbook 2017: The shapes of time

1st edition 86 pages
Design Study 2017 Fochtmann. Design of a contemporary, elegant women’s handbag combined with fine jewelery.

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2017
Fochtmann München Jahrbuch 2017

Yearbook 2016: The Mirror of Fochtmann

1st edition 66 pages

The finest, very personal pieces of jewelry are created here using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Made by masters of their trade.

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2016
Fochtmann München Jahrbuch 2016

Yearbook 2015:

Fochtmann München Jahrbuch 2015
Fochtmann München Jahrbuch Farbedelsteine 2015
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