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Yearbook 2020: Tourmaline Amethyst Tanzanite Peridot Zircon

1st edition 176 pages
Almost every gemstone that can be processed as a piece of jewelry knows how to please, especially by its enchanting color. Rubies, for example, are classically associated with red tones, while emeralds usually shine with a green glow. But exceptions prove the rule, as is well known.

Yearbook 2019: Diamond Ruby Sapphire Emerald

1st edition 176 pages
“I never hated a man so much that I would have given him back his diamonds.” Zsa Zsa Gabor
This quote reflects with a twinkle in the eye the attraction diamonds can have on women. The precious mineral has always been associated with a certain myth. But what is actually the basis of its special position in the realm of gemstones?

Yearbook 2018: Drawing book

1st edition 86 pages
Photosynthesis (ancient Greek for “light” and sýnthesis for “composition”, also spelled photosynthesis) is the process of producing high-energy biomolecules from low-energy materials using light energy. It is carried out by plants.

Yearbook 2017: The shapes of time

1st edition 86 pages
Design Study 2017 Fochtmann. Design of a contemporary, elegant women’s handbag combined with fine jewelery.

Yearbook 2016: The Mirror of Fochtmann

1st edition 66 pages

The finest, very personal pieces of jewelry are created here using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Made by masters of their trade.