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DIAMOND: The precious material

“I’ve never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.
-Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress

The diamond is one of nature’s most precious gifts. Nevertheless, the gemstones are often valued individually and differently by laypeople. Although the choice when buying and processing a diamond depends on personal feelings and taste, there are objective quality criteria that largely determine the real market value.

SAPPHIRE Blue and wide like the ocean

“A kiss on the hand feels very, very good – but it’s nothing against one
Necklace studded with sapphires!”
-Anita Loos, Hollywood’s first major screenwriter

Blue and as wide as the ocean – this is the image that is typically associated with the rare gemstone. What many do not know: A sapphire does not always have to be blue. Also, ruby ​​and sapphire are much more alike than one might initially think.

RUBY: the most famous gemstones

“We hear about historical, big diamonds, but big rubies
perfect color and great purity are mythological.”
-Robert Gordon, British Ambassador, 1888

The ruby ​​is one of the most famous gemstones of all. And almost everyone, at the mention of the name, immediately has in mind the image of a blood-red piece of jewelry. But do you also know the ruby’s closest relative? No? You will be surprised, you certainly know him, even if they don’t really look alike. Because it is a mostly deep blue stone, more precisely the sapphire.


“Beauty often appears in a green dress. This is the case in botany, but green is also very popular in mineralogy and gemology. That’s how it is with the emerald.”

-Quote from a Portuguese expedition member of the Garcia from Horto, 1565

The jewel gets its typical green color from the addition of chromium and vanadium ions, the line color is white. If you take a closer look at the density of emerald, it is lighter than ruby, sapphire or diamond. A stone weighing 5 carats, for example, will therefore always appear “larger” than one of the three other stones listed.

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