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Brilliance and elegance

Our designs see themselves as a symbiosis of the highest quality materials and the finest gemstones. However, it is not pure beauty, but rather unrestricted, everyday wearability that brings our gems to life.

Our decades of expertise in the conception and production of tailor-made jewelry ensures that we can also offer you a piece of jewelry that is perfectly suited to you.

Memoire Ring with Emerald Cut Diamonds

From a masterful hand

Before we start the actual barrel work, we check the fit of the crabs. Afterwards, our in-house master craftsmen clean and polish all internal surfaces and give them a little “finish”. Of course, the inside of the ring is also checked for a perfect fit on the finger.

Memoire-Ring with Emerald Cut Diamanten

Tradition and new beginnings:
The Emerald Cut

The opulence of the precious objects can be excellently emphasized by the tendency to geometrization. In this case, the table is cut in the form of a narrow, elongated rectangle. The sides are delimited by facets and beveled corners. The cut is particularly suitable when gemstones are joined together to form dense rows or areas.

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