The Creation of Unique Jewelry Pieces at Fochtmann

An individual fingerprint of nature.

Tanzanite exudes a very special magic not only because of its rarity but also thanks to its fascinating color spectrum. The range of colored hues, also known as pleochroism, describes an intensity which depends largely on the viewing angle and serves as the main characteristic of this type of gemstone.

Perfection in harmony with nature.

It is precisely because of these natural features that we pay special attention to the right presence in the piece of jewelry. After all, the noblest materials deserve to be properly staged in order to give the later wearer pleasure for a long time.

An idea takes shape.

Starting from the first idea, to a simple sketch, to an elaborate 3D model, the customer is involved. Through this process, your Precious unique piece comes to life. An idea is born in the head, but for the realization, it needs hands with a special touch. At Fochtmann, traditional craftsmanship is effectively combined with the most modern working methods.

Uncompromising masterpieces.

After the completion of the blanks, very close attention is paid to the selection of the subsequent stones. Not only do the standard references such as size and purity play a role, but also in particular the color gradient and the composition of the overall selection.


The gemstones are not meant to face each other, but to accentuate their respective placements. Sapphires were carefully selected to accompany the central tanzanites, their color and play of light creating a harmonious overall picture. A dialogue of colors and shapes.

Munich precision meets tradition.

Stone on stone. Every stone must fit. For the unique pieces by Fochtmann, all gemstones are adjusted and optimized by the company’s own stone cutter. Afterwards, the jewels are inserted into the piece of jewelry with the utmost care.

Connecting history.

The production of a unique piece is a continuous tribute to the process of individual vision and artful realization. That is why the story of each jewel is honored with its own entry in our in-house archive register. At Fochtmann, each unique pieces tells its own individual story.

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